Unions, Chambers, Politicians Agree: Ohio Needs More Debt

QUESTION: Does your elected officials stand with the leadership in Columbus for this Debt to be put on us?

Labor unions, Chamber of Commerce affiliates, and both major political parties support Strong Ohio Communities, a campaign to issue $1.875 billion in new state bonds for local public works projects.

The political action committee (PAC) is imploring Ohioans to “Vote YES to Create Jobs and Build Roads, Bridges and Other Needed Projects …in YOUR Community.”

Compared to the previous State Capital Improvements Program, the proposal on the statewide primary ballot as Issue 1 would increase the amount of debt issued by $25 million per year for the first five years and $50 million per year for the next five years.

Issue 1 might sound like a “jobs bill” straight from President Obama, but the election-year spending hike was introduced by Governor John Kasich, Senate President Keith Faber, and House Speaker Bill Batchelder — all Republicans — at an Ohio Chamber of Commerce event last December.


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