The never ending story!

Carol Pabst
March 9, 2021

Do you ever feel like you are living in the Virus 2020 never ending story? We have been locked down and masked up for a year now. First we were told masks don’t work, then we were told to wear masks, they will protect you and to be safe wear 2 or more masks. All along we were lead to believe that if only we had a vaccine then we would be safe and could go back to a normal lifestyle. They tried to burst our bubble by telling us that vaccines take years to create, test and then get approval for them. They underestimated President Donald J. Trump and his amassing skill to see a problem and solve it quickly. Within months, not years, he and his team had us a vaccine, now we have 3 to use. They were sent to states for the Governors to decide where in their states the vaccine would be distributed. After all this is a Republic, not a dictatorship.

But wait, we still need masks? We still need to social distance? And business and schools still can’t open up? That was not what we were initially told! I am still shocked to see on FB some people think President Trump did nothing during his term in office other than play golf and tweet. What is their reasoning for the medical supplies, ventilators, construction of make shift hospitals, two Navy Hospital ships and the vaccines?  Did they think they just magically appeared? Now with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lifting his state mask mandate and restrictions plus other Governors following in his footprint. Mr Biden instead of applauding this states success and trying to find out how they were able to achieve this he said “Neanderthal Thinking”. Democrats are applauding Mr. Biden for this slam but imagine if President Trump had attacked Michigan Gretchen Whitmers lock down as “Neanderthal Thinking”.  

“The Covid Crisis” bleeds into and gives them an excuse to spend money and take over your life and freedoms

Politicians created a box canyon with lock-downs that were originally intended to flatten the curve. But ever time states loosened restrictions, Democrats would demand more lock-downs. Liberals and their public health friends don’t seem to want this pandemic to end-ever. We have been warned that vaccinated individuals might still transmit the virus. We are told restrictions must be maintained until we achieve heard immunity which the experts also say may never happen. This eternal public health crisis is unsustainable politically and economically. Washington can’t keep passing trillion dollar spending bills with jobless benefits, food stamps, cash payments, rent subsidies and other welfare. Forget the mental health toll on people and children who have been cooped up not going to work or schools. Democrats seem more than happy they can use the pandemic to expand the welfare state. Meanwhile, they are preparing a giant climate infrastructure spending bill to jolt the economy and save the planet. Behold how the Covid crisis bleeds into and gives them an excuse to spend money and take over your life and freedoms.

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