The ignored common denominator in mass shootings

Bob Livingston
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The Gun Grabbing

It’s as predictable as day following night that when a mass shooting occurs, the propaganda media and gun-grabbing politicians will immediately blame the gun. Their ravings will be echoed by the mindless lemmings on the left. But there is a common denominator that the media and the politicians never touch: psychotropic drugs.

If mentioned at all, mental illness touches off a hysterical backlash from the Left who only want the banning of guns discussed. And a mass shooter’s drug use is just a footnote in media reports. But it is all-important.

The latest shooters are no exception. The Dayton Daily News reported that shooter Connor Betts’ friend Will El-Fakir said Betts was using drugs and “was definitely not in a right state of mind.” reports that some of his tweets dealt with drugs. And some of those drugs will have certainly been recreational. But digging into the latest shooters’ backgrounds will almost certainly lead to indications that they had myriad emotional problems and mental difficulties, or that they were suffering from depression, and will also virtually inevitably reveal that they are or were on some type of medication for anything from ADHD to autism spectrum disorders and/or depression.

The top medications for prescribed to help manage symptoms of autism have side effects of agitation, confusion, depression, mania, irritability, aggression, anger, abnormal thoughts, psychotic disorder and schizophrenia.

The Aurora movie shooter, the Columbine killers, the Charleston church shooter and the Garland church shooter were all on psychotropic drugs.

Antipsychotics were originally intended to treat extreme personality disorders like schizophrenia, and many experts believe that using them to suppress milder more manageable emotional disorders can lead to a buildup of tension and violent outbursts in some patients. These drugs have in the past been linked to school shootings and other violent behaviors in adolescents.

According to a study published in the journal PLoS One and based on the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System, even seemingly safe drugs like Prozac and Chantix lead to violent thoughts and actions.

The website has a collection of more than 6,000 stories from various media documenting the link between violent incidents and mind-altering drugs. Reader Scott R. wrote to me and said, “18 years ago I was put on moclobemide, a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, due to an intolerable work situation. It led to feelings of unreality, and insomnia. Friends said that I appeared to undergo a change in personality…”

The Food and Drug Administration, which approves these drugs, recognizes that more 100,000 adverse drug reaction (ADR) deaths occur each year. ADRs is the fourth leading cause of death, ahead of pulmonary disease, diabetes, AIDS, pneumonia, accidents and automobile deaths.

Yet the MSM talking heads and trend setters and their mindless lemming followers say politicians won’t touch gun laws because of the NRA and its deep pockets. But Big Pharma spends far more buying politicians and advertising in the mainstream media than does the NRA.

So if the left wants to blame someone other than the killer, perhaps it should focus its attention on Big Pharma, its vaccine schedule (which creates autism spectrum disorders and other mental health issues), its mood altering drugs and the doctors prescribing them.

Gun violence and gun ownership are not the same thing. Let me remind you that 327 million Americans did not shoot anyone last weekend. But the gun grabbers want to take away our guns anyway.

I don’t recommend calling or writing your congressweasel on many issues, as you already know. However, letting your elected representatives know just how many of his or her constituents support gun rights wholeheartedly lets them know where they stand as far as staying in power goes. It’s never a bad idea to remind them what your expectations of them are regarding the torrent of gun laws.

Do keep an eagle eye open for any attempt to establish national gun registration. Federal registration of every gun gives Washington all it needs to confiscate guns if and when it should choose to do so. If you don’t think that’s possible, remember that with the stroke of a pen, President Franklin Roosevelt confiscated all gold in 1933. As simple as that.

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