The Culture of the Ohio “Republican” Party Today


“Someday when your grandchildren ask you why the Ohio Republican failed, you can point to this week and these weak people.”

Conservatism in the hands of people like these has become as extinct as the dinosaur.


Gary Burkholder Proves Ohio Republican Party
Chairman Matt Borges WRONG

Licking County Board of Election Dismisses
Ohio Republican Party Phony Protest

Press Release

Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, announced tonight that Gary Burkholder, who was the subject of a vicious attack by the Ohio “Republican” Party Chairman Matt Borges last Friday, proved Borges was wrong when the Licking County Board of Election dismissed the phony protest instigated buy the ORP as being “insufficient on it’s face.” The question of residency in the District by Burkholder was never in doubt from the beginning, but the Borges tried to find a technicality to keep Burkholder off the ballot because of his relentless efforts to get the ORP to adopt a party platform and follow its own by-laws.

Zawistowski, commented “Borge’s was so desperate to get Burkholder, and Lisa Cooper, off the State

Gary Burkholder State Central Committe Member

Gary Burkholder
State Central Committe Member

Central Committee that he used Party funds to pay lawyers to try and make a case against the two of them. Unfortunately for him, the people he hired failed to read the website of the Brookeville, Ohio community for whom Burkholder works, even though they spent the time and money to read it’s charter and to do a public records request for Burkholders employment contract. On the website it shows that Brookeville had waived any residency requirements which would have caused Burkholder to have to move out of the District. They had no case as the BOE ruled.”


Shaky video from the Ohio Republican State Central and Executive Committee meeting and the vote to endorse incumbent committee members. Gary Burkholder (District 31) and Lisa Cooper (District 26) are among speakers who questioned why they were not included on the endorsement list. Pointed comments from Burkholder and Ohio GOP Party Chairman Matt Borges:

Matt Borges Chairman Ohio “Republican” Party

Zawistowski continued, “The person who filed the claim for the ORP was Steven B Spach of Autumn Wood Drive in Pataskala, Ohio who failed to provide a phone number on his complaint and did not show up for the Board Meeting tonight. It was pretty clear by yesterday that, as Burkholder had stated in the video released Friday, that Borges had his facts wrong and had acted improperly in removing Burkholder and Cooper, from a list of incumbent State Central Committee members who would be “endorsed” by the ORP. In doing so, Borges is wrongfully denying Burkholder and Cooper access to the ORP discounted mailing permit and additional resources in a blatant violation of ORP By-laws. This stunt, supported by 55 other members of the State Central Committee, many who are only there to pick up a check and do the Governors bidding, shows the depth of the corruption in the Ohio “Republican” Party.


Thank You Gary Burkholder and the others that
stood for FREEDOM and against the “PARTY”


After reading and watching this PRESS RELEASE you now have an opportunity to choose in the upcoming primary an outsider, someone that is NOT beholding to the “PARTY” to speak for you

District 30 OH GOP State Central Committee
Cathy Neuhart & Glenn Newman

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