Auburn Township
February 18, 2020
By Jo Ingles

Thank You for this article

Note from Thanks to Lake County’s Lobbyists for Citizens for finding this succinct article about the do’s and don’t do’s of ballot behavior from school districts too eager for finding new money at election time. Lake County is loaded with school funding issues. Just because Geauga County has only three levy issues on the ballot is no reason for Geauga voters not to show or to assume that George can solve the problem without their help. Just remember, once the money is voted in, it NEVER goes away. JUST SAY NO at the ballot box. We need you, Lake and Geauga Voters!

Ohio’s Auditor is warning school districts that are on the ballot to make sure they are not using taxpayer or state money to fund their campaigns.

“And that means you can’t use

  • Staff Time
  • Equipment
  • Mailings
  • Email Accounts
  • Property for Signs

all of those things that we see fairly regularly,” Faber says.

Faber says his office gets regular complaints on infractions like these. And he says, most times, schools do it inadvertently. But he says when it happens, it’s wrong. And he wants the public and school officials to be aware of the line so they don’t step over it in the process of selling a school levy to voters.

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