Society turns on christian expression; there is a culture war raging

by David McCaine, January 24th, 2011 1:20 pm PT

Two are unsolicited comments from 8-year old Emily and  9-year old Patsy from two San Jose elementary schools, “why do the schools not let you bring up God?”  Patsy was also puzzled why you can bring up God in the “Pledge of Allegiance” and not any other time?  Both appeared convinced that it was a bad thing to bring God or Jesus up in school.  How did they acquire that idea?.

Is this the result of education or indoctrination?  There is a climate of hostility in the public and private sector in society over religious expression, Christianity in particular.

A Westmont High School student in nearby Campbell was rejected from starting a Christian Club although other faiths were represented in school clubs.  She was told that a Christian Club would be “divisive”. A meeting from the young girl’s attorney set the record straight that her constitutional rights were being violated and only then was she permitted to start her club.

The concept of separation of church and state has been confusing to say the least.  The first amendment does restrict the government from sponsoring or preferring any one religion.  It also states the neither shall the government restrict the expression of religion.  Obviously there is a difference between “freedom of religion” and “freedom from religion”.  Many schools and government officials have erroneously adopted the latter; they attempt to stop any expression of Christianity.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that a “student’s constitutional rights does not end once they step upon the school grounds”.  There have been a variety of cases that have come up where government officials or school districts have overstepped their authority and had to be reminded that the constitution applies to everyone.

Crediting God or Jesus is routinely censored at the level where school officials approve what can and can’t be said in graduation speeches.  What’s interesting is atheism is a religion too, but the non-God beliefs are easily passed through under the cloak of evolution; a more intellectually accepted philosophy.

One first grader named Kayla recited this prayer during lunch, “God is good, God is great…we thank you for this food.”  A teacher that was nearby reprimanded the little girl and told her not to pray.  The young girl’s scolding from the teacher and discipline did not stop there.  It eventually escalated to the school board where they cited that this prayer was “a crime against humanity”.

Those that think the school officials are guilty of overreacting please raise your hand.  But Kayla’s example is not far from the attitude of public officials or those that dislike Christian values.

Judge Samuel B. Kent of Texas let it be known that there would be “no invoking the Name of Jesus” at any commencement ceremony.  He threatened anyone with a 6 month jail sentence if they didn’t comply.  Kent said, “whoever fails to comply will wish he or she had died as a baby before I’m through.”

Yes, this happened in the United States of America according to David Limbaugh, author of Persecution: How Liberals are Waging War Against Christianity.

Judge Kent has since fallen mightily from grace after being embroiled in a sexual scandal that landed him in prison.  It would seem that pride does come before a fall.

There are also many stories that the media will scrub references towards God, Jesus or a Christian viewpoint.  Surfer Bethany Hamilton tragically lost her arm is a shark attack years ago, but how she survived was scrubbed of references to God and Jesus Christ although medical doctors said it was a chief reason she survived.  If you “Google” Bethany Hamilton and click on “about me” you will obtain the complete story.

Media giants Ophra Winfrey and Ted Turner have affinity towards Christianity, in the least they’re both not very tolerant of the contemporary God of the bible or its teachings.  Winfrey is not happy with a “God that is jealous of me” and Turner just despises Christianity in general and has low regard for people that practice.  If Winfrey and Turner attended Sunday School, it sure doesn’t show.

Hollywood has an overall dislike for anything Christian by the recent history of movies released.  If the movie doesn’t project bible believers as raving lunatics, hypocrites or sexual deviants, then it’s probably not from mainstream Hollywood.  Portraying Jesus as a homosexual, sinning hypocrite or not that special as in “The Last Temptation of Christ”, “The Ten” or “Corpus Christi” is more of a standard Hollywood production.  This sure wasn’t the case during Cecil B. DeMille productions or his time period.

One of the worse examples of hatred was the diatribe of Whoopie Goldberg during a Jim Kerry fundraiser.  About every expletive you can image was launched towards President George Bush; no apologies from the Kerry camp.

Kathy Griffin made a point not to thank Jesus at the winning of an award in Hollywood and added a derogatory term for good measure.  Amanda Donahoe, an avowed atheist (no surprise), said “it was great joy, spitting on Christ was great fun for me.”  Hollywood typically targets the Christian faith but leaves Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism alone.

Diversity, tolerance and multiculturalism are really smokescreens; if you agree with my agenda….then it’s true; but if you don’t think exactly as me, then you are a target for hatred and ridicule.

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