SELLING OUT AMERICA – Installment #1

The Omnibus Spending Bill

Why and By Whom

“Someday when your grandchildren ask you why America and Southeast Ohio failed, you can point to this week and these weak people.”

Conservatism in the hands of people like these has become as extinct as the dinosaur.


Lurking Within That Ominous,
Omnibus Spending Bill

Moyers & Company | News Analysis

Update, The Washington Post: “Early Friday morning the House passed [the] $1.1 trillion spending bill on a 316 to 113 vote, with 150 Republicans and 166 Democrats supporting the measure, after passing a $622 billion tax measure Thursday on a 318 to 109 vote… The Senate soon after passed both parts of the agreement on a 65 to 33 vote.”

There is an unwritten rule in Congress that before you do even a little for the working class you must do a lot for the donor class. So while the $1.1 trillion – yes, that’s a “t” – budget bill now winding its way to passage contains some tax breaks for low-income workers, in reality, it’s a bonanza for Big Business.

Congressional leadership actually split the bill in two with one devoted to spending and the other devoted to cuts. “That way,” Paul Singer writes in USA Today, Republican conservatives can vote against the spending bill, Democratic liberals can vote against the tax bill, and both bills still pass it …

This is sick at every level!


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