Rev Manning Demands MSNBC Fires Al Sharpton

Reverend James David Manning’s organization United People of America is calling for the firing of Al Sharpton from MSNBC and a commitment from them to never have anything to do with him again. Reverend Manning bases his request on the “twenty year track record of inciting riotous behavior that has led to the deaths of many young people in our nation and the defaming of a lot more people and also bringing racial disharmony to all of America.”

Reverend Manning says, “They’re not going to do it,” and he fully expects them to “dig in their heels.” He’s making an appeal in expectation of their refusal, asking the sixty million Americans who he believes will hear his message to unite with him. If they refuse to fire Sharpton, he intends to bring the largest boycott in the history of the western and known English-speaking world against an entity until they’re brought to their knees. And we will do so without mercy.”

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