Resolution 1501


Marietta 9-12 Project
Resolution 1501
January 13, 2015


Let it be known:

Marietta 9-12 Project members have been working for years to bring conservative values back to our government and to the structure in our Constitution. Our labors are in vain when we have weak leadership which does not expound these values and is not willing to stand firm in the fight against a liberal progressive march that continues to undermine the very foundation of our country.

Based upon Speaker Boehner’s performance over the past four years, we do not believe he is capable or qualified to lead the 114th Congress and promote the conservative values for which we strive. It takes courage to stand up against the establishment in Washington, but on January 6th, 25 brave Republicans in the House of Representatives stood for the conservative base of their party and voted against Representative Boehner for Speaker of the House. We are troubled that Representative Bill Johnson (U. S. 6th District) was not one of them. He chose to support Representative Boehner over the peoples’ desires within his district.

We have expressed our disappointment to Representative Johnson regarding this very important vote. We will continue to work and evaluate every vote cast in efforts to bring conservative values to the 114th Congress and our country.

Our members hold our elected representatives to the same values that we pursue-Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, Responsible Spending, Quality Education and Conservative Values. We support the representatives who strive for these same Constitution values. We will work to replace representatives who do not hold these values.

Marietta 9-12 Project

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