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tomzTom Zawistowski
Monday, October 19


I am getting all kinds of reports from all over Ohio of the great things that all of you are doing to win this election and get Trump elected on November 8th. In this email, I would like to share some ideas that you can use to be more effective in your area.

Poll Madness:
As you know the We The People Convention Poll that was conducted before and after the last debate, showed that Trump was winning in Ohio by between 6.7% and 11.7%. Just yesterday, a CNN poll showed Trump winning in Ohio by 4%. However, other polls are showing that it is tied and national polls are showing Clinton with ridiculous leads like 11%. Even FoxNews is in on the scam. The poll they put out early this week that Clinton was winning by 9% – over sampled Democrats by 9%!! Remember, Roger Ailes was the Conservative Head of Fox News and he is gone now. Rupert Murdock who owns FoxNews is a globalist and you are seeing Fox turn against Trump even more because of this change. Finally, FORGET the national polls, they mean nothing. Look at the key state polls like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina – that is where the election will be decided. Also, any polls that only includes Trump and Clinton is a phony poll intended to deceive you because Johnson and Stein are taking from Clinton and not Trump and that is why they leave them out. Don’t believe the polls, just keep talking to people in your community and we will win.

Increase Turnout:
Two key things we have to do to win this election is to increase voter turnout in our rural counties. I have set a goal of a 75% turnout in each rural county to counter any turnout in the eight major urban counties of Ohio. But how do we increase turnout? If you download your County Voter file from the Secretary of State, it lists each registered voter and all the elections in which they voted. Search for those who have NOT voted in ANY of the past four (4) Presidential general elections and you will be shocked at how many you find. Most likely about 30% of the registered voters. Well why would someone be registered but not vote for all those years? They don’t think their vote counts, they didn’t like any of the candidates, they believe the candidates are all just politicians who didn’t represent their views and can’t be trusted, they believe their vote doesn’t make a difference. Well this year their vote does make a difference, and this year, there is someone on the ballot who can win who is not a politician! Our polling shows that a good percentage of these non-voters are considering voting this year for the first time in a long time because of Donald Trump.

Look at the list of these people in your neighborhoods and just go knock on their door, or talk to them after church, or after work and explain to them that we need them to vote this year more than any other time in their lives. You don’t need any materials to give them, just explain that this is not a typical 4 year or 8 years Presidential election, because the next President will appoint as many as four new Supreme Court Justices who will decide the direction of our nation for the next 40 years! If they don’t like the direction of our nation today, they have ONE CHANCE to change it and it is by this November 8. We NEED them to vote! As an old salesman, I can tell you, the only way to get the sale is to make the ask. If you ask them to vote, they will. So, find them and ask them!

Sign Madness:
Another way to reach these non-voters is through sign waves. Nothing is more random than sign waves and they reach people you will not reach any other way. However, we have learned a few things that will help you be more effective. What is different about this picture?


It has a sign at the sign wave that says “Free Signs”. You can’t believe how many people think they have to buy them and will not stop to get one. If you tell them they are free, you will get a ton of people to stop. Also, think about the non-voters I mentioned above. Mix into your set of signs just one or two signs that say on three lines “This Election will – change our Direction – for 40 years!” You could also do one that says “If you never vote – this year WE – NEED YOUR VOTE.” You get the idea. I am sure you will have lots of better suggestions. It is another way of making the ask.

Voter Guides from Ohio Christian Alliance:
The 900,000 Presidential Voter Guides from CCV have been distributed and I thank all of you who helped get those distributed in churches and to voter around the state. GREAT JOB! Now if you still need voter guides, the Ohio Christian Alliance has not only Presidential Voter Guides, but Congressional and State race voter guides! You can see them and download a PDF at this link and then you can print what you need and hand them out in your community. These voter guides are non-partisan. They just compare candidate positions on various issues so the voter can decide who should get their vote. They are a very effective tool and I ask you to print some out and hand them out in your area, particularly to those who are unsure about voting for Trump because of attacks on his character. Once they see the issues, the choice is crystal clear!

Social Media Madness:
Pick your targets, boost your posts in your community, message directly to them! The problem you and I are having is that the WikiLeaks emails, and Project Veritas videos, and other important information is coming out so fast that you can’t keep up with it. Secondly, if you keep changing your posts, they each reach fewer people and are less effective. When you post to your Facebook Page you are preaching to the choir, which is important, so share info that will inspire them. Good poll results, Trump speeches, and yes the Truth about Crooked Hillary.

But then take that story about Crooked Hillary, that even Democrats, or millennials, or women in your community would be turned off by, and boost it to JUST THEM. You can boost a Facebook post to just your zip code, or several zip codes in your county, and then you can choose identifiers such as Democrat, Union Worker, Obama, MSNMBC, and Hillary Clinton to target them . . . and your post will be displayed to voters who have those characteristics in your zip code. You can choose just women or just men and you can choose age groups. For $5 you can hit hundreds of people if not thousands in your county. Be smart. Make every post count by directing it at the right audience and using the right message.

I sent out the list of Ohio Victory Centers last week. You can get signs there, as well as walk list, door materials, call list and software. I have had reports that the software the ORP and Trump campaign are using is not very good and that their walk lists are terrible. If they are working for you fine. If not, contact the NRA rep for your area because their stuff is working great and they have software, call lists, walk list and materials that are very effective:

David Conte (CFR based in Akron – Eastern Half of State)


Jake Meinzer (CFR Based in Dayton – Southwest Part of State)


Ryan Bradley (CFR Based in Bowling Green – Northwest Part of State)


Voter Early:
I can’t emphasis this enough. You need to vote early or by absentee and you need to encourage everyone you know to do so as well. This locks in Trump votes and protect us from the media “October surprises” that are going to affect late voters. Just a couple of words of caution. First, it takes 68¢ to mail back your absentee ballot, so either take it to the post office window or put two stamps on it or it will not get delivered and will not be counted. Second, their are two envelopes, on you put your ballot into and then one you mail the first envelop in. On the outside of the ballot envelope, it asks for your name, your birth date, last 4 digits of your social security number and your signature. You must fill those in for your ballot to be counted! However, at the bottom it asks for other information like your political party – that is NOT required – and I ask that you do not tell them your political party on the outside of the envelope. Just to prevent anyone at the BOE from singling out your ballot based on party affiliation.


For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We The People Convention




For those who see no difference between the parties or who feel a third party is where they will cast their vote… if you vote third party or do not vote… YOU CAST YOUR VOTE FOR TYRANNY It is that plain and simple!

  • Please remember that in congress there is NO SIGNIFICANT NUMBER to represent anyone other than the TWO RUNNING CANDIDATES.
  • So no one can or will come out of the Electoral College that is not a member of the two parties that vastly make up the Electoral College. BLUNTLY



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In JUST three months, we vote for the next president of the United States.









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