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We the People Convention
By Tom Zawistowski

Last year when we worked so hard to elect Donald Trump, and “Republicans” in the House and Senate, and he and they made lots of promises to us in exchange for our votes and our work on their behalf. He promised to “Build the Wall” and stop illegal immigration. He promised to end Sanctuary Cities. He Promised to cut spending. He promised to eliminate bad regulations. He promised to reign in the EPA if not eliminate it. He promised to end government support for Planned Parenthood. He promised to rebuild our Military. He promised to get rid of Obamacare. He promised to “Drain the Swamp in DC.” We voted for all of those policies and more. We know that the President is sincere and committed, because he has already done many of the things he promised.

However, the “deal” that was just struck this weekend between Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell, and Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan, does NONE of these things we voted for and in fact makes sure that President Trump cannot keep these promises! President Trump is being Swallowed by the DC Swamp! He is being betrayed by liberal republicans who serve K street and not main street!

Here is a list of what is included in the Continuing Budget Resolution (CR) that Congress will vote on starting Wednesday:

1) Explicit restrictions to BLOCK the building of the Boarder Wall – INCLUDING removal of the statutory authority to build the wall granted under the 2006 law!

2) Non-Defense domestic spending goes UP despite Presidents announced plans to cut $18 Billion. Including a Bailout for Democratic Puerto Rico where HALF the population is on Medicaid – on YOU – for their health benefits.

3) Instead of cutting spending at the National Institute of Health by $1.2 Billion the CR INCREASES spending by $2 Billion on top of a huge increase given to that agency last year.

4) Trump pledged to cut the EPA Budget by 33% and get rid of 20% of Federal EPA Employees. Instead this CR cuts the EPA by just 1% with NO EMPLOYEE CUTS.

5) Despite Trumps pledge, Planned Parenthood government funding is not cut by one penny.

6) President wanted to increase military spending by $30 Billion, instead he get’s $12.5 Billion!

7) This CR not only does not end Obamacare, it uses our tax dollars to keep it on life support by continuing to reimburse insurance companies for the loses they are incurring providing Obamacare Coverage. You think the Insurance lobbyists didn’t pay plenty to get the liberal republicans and democrats to fork over your money?
8) This CR BLOCKS the Justice Department from enforcing federal law by restricting the dispensing of medical marijuana in states where it has been “legalized” – EXECEPT the states can’t “legalize” marijuana because there is Federal Law making possession and use ILLEGAL!

According to this story in the Washington Post the Democrats say they “forced” the Republicans to withdraw more that 160 riders that would have cut regulations and done the things we voted for last November. This Continuing Resolution not only does NOT do what we voted for – it in fact DOES THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT WE VOTED FOR!!! Are you MAD ENOUGH YET ????

If so, call the White House NOW at 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414 and tell the President we will support his VETO of this CR because it does not allow President Trump to keep his promises to us.
Better yet, send the President an email by clicking on this link – they say that this is the best way to let them know what you think!

I then ask you to call your Congressional Representative and assure them that you will not vote for ANY REPUBLICAN WHO VOTES FOR THIS CR! If they vote for this CR they are voting against YOUR best interests. We will actively recruit candidates to primary EVERY Republican who votes for this CR.
It is in our best interest to give all of our support to President Trump because it is really just the American People and he who are standing against the statists who have taken over Washington and wish to take over our nation. President Trump must tell the DC Establishment that he will veto any bill they put forward that does not benefit the American People above all else. Call or write to him NOW to show him that we stand with him and we want him to “Stand up to the Swamp Creatures” in DC!





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