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VOTE 2018
September 24, 2018

Sample e-SLATE card  

What county commissioners, auditors, judges, and issues will you be voting for?  Who will you vote for in the state executive races? The governor race?

The Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) has created an electronic conservative voter guide, an e-SLATE card, for the November 2018 elections. Other than the two political parties, nowhere in the United States has any group or organization put forth such an extensive statewide slate of candidate and issue recommendations

Available at www.vote2018ohio.com, NWOCC has attempted to identify Ohio’s most conservative candidates, in every county, and in every race. The e-SLATE card contains over 500 candidates running for office in Ohio.

This isn’t an application that voters need to download.  It’s a user friendly web-based search engine that works on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Regardless of where you live in Ohio, you’ll find candidates for U.S. and Ohio House and Senate races, county commissioners, auditors, engineers, trustees, sheriffs, judges, ballot issues, and much more.

According to the website’s developer and NWOCC board member John McAvoy, “This is NOT a Republican Party slate card. If you’re only interested in voting for someone because they have an ‘R’ beside their name, we recommend you look elsewhere.”

Fill in search fields to get card.

The most controversial candidate on the e-SLATE card is in the governor race.  Many voters refuse to cast their vote for DeWine/Husted. The controversy is over Ohio GOP primary endorsements, support of Obamacare and constant negative ads from both sides. Voters are saying they’re fed up and won’t even vote in the November election.  We cannot allow this to happen.

In order to energize these voters,  we’re telling them if they can’t stomach the thought of voting for DeWine/Husted, there are other options we recommend in the governor race. (READ HERE.)

We must get these voters to the polls, as there are too many down-ticket races that need our support.  Our highest priorities are the U.S. Senate race, Jim Renacci, and the 16 U.S. House races. We MUST vote the Republican candidate in order to maintain control of the House.  Ironically, several of the Ohio Republican U.S. House candidates that we MUST support will vote against us if they win their seat.  They support Kasich 2020 and refuse to support Jim Jordan for the Speaker of the House.  BUT AGAIN,  we’re supporting them ONLY in order to maintain control of the House.

This website was developed with the assistance of conservative and liberty group leaders from across Ohio. This is not an endorsement of candidates by NWOCC or other conservative groups.   Just because a candidate or issue appears on the e-SLATE card, it doesn’t mean they’re approved or endorsed by any of the organizations or leaders.  The candidates are included here simply to provide voters with additional options when considering who to vote for.




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