Ohio budget proposal includes new taxes on Social Security benefits

By Rich Exner, Northeast Ohio Media Group

Governor’s Ohio budget proposal includes an additional $166.5 million a year from seniors in new taxes on Social Security benefits.

SS taxCLEVELAND, Ohio – Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget calls for slashing state income tax rates for everyone, and ditching the tax completely for nearly all self-employed people on the money they make from their personal businesses.

But one group might not fare as well under the governor’s 718-page Blueprint for a New Ohio: senior citizens.

The plan calls for a series of changes that would generate from seniors an additional $166.5 million a year by 2017, the proposal estimates.

That’s nearly as much as the $183.4 million that would be raised through an increase in the fracking tax, a separate part of the budget proposal.

The biggest of the income tax changes specifically for seniors would involve the taxing of Social Security benefits for people with total income of more than $100,000. But all their income would be taxed at the new, lower rates proposed by Kasich.



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