Ohio ALERT: Comprehensive Gun Ban Introduced

Ohio Gun Owners
By Christopher Dorr  
February 22, 2018

Gun Ban Introduced in Ohio with Kasich Support

“Dear John Kasich:

     Thank you very much for your support of HR4296, the assault weapons ban… I applaud the bipartisan nature with which our victory was achieved and commend you for your courageous vote. I enjoyed our visit last night.

     With best wishes, Bill (Clinton)

That was the 1994 thank you letter President Bill Clinton wrote to then-Congressman Kasich after Kasich’s turncoat vote for Clinton’s signature gun-control achievement, the infamous “assault weapons ban.”

When it was time to run for Governor in Ohio Kasich changed his tune, knowing that Ohio’s gun owners blocked the path to power of Clinton’s gun-control militant.

But now that power-hungry Kasich is term-limited and can’t run for governor again, and with many predicting a party-switch to mount a campaign for President in 2020, Kasich’s fear of gun owners in Ohio has dwindled.

And Sunday, Kasich outright renegged on the “conversion” story he used to swindle the voters of Ohio with and went on the Clinton News Network (CNN) to angrily attack gun owners and demand a gun ban once more!

He pledged support for Michael Bloomberg’s hallmark Universal Gun Registration and even called for a database to register EVERY firearm transfer!

Web, I don’t know about you, but databases to track, trace and register Americans is what they use for sex-offenders and pedophiles.

Governor Kasich is mounting a warpath to punish lawful gun owners like you and me for the unlawful murderous rampages of killers.

And like clockwork, on Tuesday afternoon Kasich’s militants in the Ohio Senate joined in, introducing the mother of all gun-control bills, Senate Bill 260.

It’s bad.

Senate Bill 260 (SB260) would:

Outlaw any firearm even CAPABLE of accepting a 10-round magazine.
They’re calling it an “assault weapon” ban, but what it really is is a comprehensive outright GUN BAN!

It would OUTLAW a Ruger 10/22 and even Marlin Model 60’s, firearms that MOST youngsters are trained by their dads with to properly and safely use firearms.








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