Ohio ALERT: Anti-gun amendments piling on Constitutional Carry!

Weak-kneed Republicans on the House Federalism Committee and radical anti-gun Democrats are piling anti-gun amendments onto the Constitutional Carry bill, and they need to hear from you RIGHT NOW!

Here’s where we stand.

Republican Representatives Ryan Smith and Kyle Koehler are sponsoring amendments for Wednesday’s committee meeting in an attempt to water the bill down before it even makes it out of committee.

Specifically, Representative Smith is running an amendment for Ohio’s elite anti-gun special interest groups that would force gun owners to continue the practice of “notification,” which has proven extremely dangerous to lawful gun owners in Ohio.

The fact is, you don’t need to notify an officer that you’re praying to God or going to church. You don’t need to notify an officer that you’re exercising free speech or attending a political rally.

Perhaps more illuminating, tremendous amounts of REAL law-enforcement — beat cops on the front line who fight crime every day — have been telling us for weeks the political law-enforcement organizations Do NOT speak for them, and that they ALWAYS treat every incident as if someone has a firearm.

Thirty-eight states do not share Ohio’s “duty to notify” law and it works out extremely well in those states because law-enforcement all know that violent killers NEVER tell officers they’re carrying firearms!

Representative Kyle Koehler, on the other hand, is running an amendment that forces gun dealers to distribute pamphlets with each new gun sale telling people that they have a “duty to retreat” from a violent attacker before they are “allowed” to protect themselves.

It is outrageous!

Quite frankly, Ohio’s lack of a Stand-Your-Ground law gets good people KILLED.

Representative Koehler’s amendment is a terrible piece of legislation that is designed to appease the gun-grabbers who hate Stand-Your-Ground law!

That’s why we’re asking you to send an email to the committee right away telling the members you want them to vote AGAINST the anti-gun amendments and kill each and every one of them!

Email Recipient Addresses


Subject Line
Federalism Committee: REJECT the anti-gun amendments to HB178!

Message Body
Dear Federalism Committee,

As a gun-owning Ohioan, I’m sick and tired of the terrible treatment gun owners get from our “pro-gun majority.”

The Koehler Amendment and the Smith Amendment to HB178 are ridiculous attempts to pander to the radical left and the political pro-gun-control law-enforcement groups who NEVER support gun rights and who NEVER vote for conservatives.  

Throw these amendments in the trash, vote for the Hood technical amendment, and pass HB178 out of the Federalism Committee AS WRITTEN!

As a member or supporter of Ohio Gun Owners, we are a growing army of engaged, mobilized 2nd Amendment voters who want bold leadership from our House Republicans without compromising or placating the enemies of our freedom and the Second Amendment.

Vote HB178 OUT of the Federalism Committee, and don’t water it down.

Please email the committee right away, as the committee starts Wednesday morning at 9:30am!

For Ohio,
Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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