‘Modern Educayshun’ & Equality’

‘Modern Educayshun’ & ‘#Equality’ – Two Brilliant Short Films About Why Political Correctness Is Bad
By Jim Weaver

We talk about this kind of thing all the time, modern political correctness is killing this country and has almost killed Europe. I can’t speak on behalf of other countries but I can speak my mind when it comes to what’s happening in this country, and by golly, I’mma gonna.

Is it just me or are the inmates running the asylum? As the two short films so aptly illustrate below, trying to twist and contort your thoughts and then mind-control the words that come out of your mouth to try and not offend anyone is just about as asinine as anything I’ve ever seen.

This is supposed to be a country based on freedom of speech, thought and expression, which simply means that if I say things that offend you, I have the right to say them. You also have the right to be offended. Just because you’re offended does not take away my right to say it though. This goes for many things:

  • You do not have the right to a cell phone.
  • You do not have the right to a $15 an hour job.
  • You do not have the right to a job at all.
  • You do not have the right to a nice car.
  • You do not have the right to free anything, including health care.
  • And you do not have the right to go through life without being offended.

The promise of America is that you have the right to pursue happiness, not to achieve it. If you never achieve happiness in your life, that’s your fault, not mine. If you’re born poor and live in horrible conditions then do everything in your power to get out of it without hurting anyone else. If you’re lucky enough to be born wealthy, congratulations, you’ve won life’s lottery! Try not to screw it up and please don’t be a jackass to others.

There are a lot of people, both born and immigrating to this country, who think they are owed something simply because they exist. Skin color has nothing to do with what I just said by the way, all colors are represented in that sentence. In my humble opinion, you are special in God’s eyes, you might be special in your mother’s eyes (maybe), to the rest of the world you’re just… you. No amount of participation trophies can change that. In fact all they do is muddy the waters, the real winners get the trophies in life, the losers get squat. The sooner everyone learns that lesson the better off everyone will be. I have no right to what you earn and you have no right to what I earn. If you do better in life than I do, oh well, good for you.

“Political Correctness,” in speech, in thought, is killing this country. It’s twisting us into groups that are always angry about something. It has to stop, pull up your big girl panties America, stop being offended at everything. Judging by the two short films below, they’re having the same problem in the UK.

Modern Educayshun…






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1 comment for “‘Modern Educayshun’ & Equality’

  1. Jim Green
    May 23, 2017 at 9:20 am

    Modern Ohio Common Core Educayshun is destroying our culture.
    This needs to stop !

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