Meeting Recap

Last evening was another great milestone in the ongoing growth of the Marietta 9-12 Project with a town hall which included Ohio Representative Bill Johnson, State Representative Andy Thompson, State Senator Jimmy Stewart, Dr. James Falter, Chair of the Dept. of Business & Economics, Marietta College , and businessman David Haas. The event was attended by well over 300 people.

Educate – Evaluate – Motivate is not just our motto; it is what we do. I was so proud of what everyone did to make this a great event. As so many people just sit and talk, talk, talk, we actually do something to promote political change and expose waste and corruption at all levels of government.

After all, taxes, levees, fees are just another way to take money from you and give it to groups/organizations that want to continue Entitlements through Extortion.

It is incredible that a group that is just over two years old can put together an event that includes the total representation of Southeast Ohio.

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