Maybe I am confused?

by John Grabianowski

Schools-150x150In the interest of those of us that are not quite sure how government works. Could someone please tell us about what happens next? Or at least what is supposed to happen next? So, the hearing was held, the testimonies heard, the truth revealed, the evidence of unprecedented harm to our public schools, teachers and students alike…..but now I only hear silence from those who inflicted this harm on Ohio’s public schools, our schools. I hear of no further remedies, hearings, or apologies in regards to the common core scandal! Is there no one who will claim responsibility for the harm already caused by Common Core implementation? I have heard that the wheels of government turn slow, but isn’t ongoing harm to our students considered urgent or an emergency. If not, what is?

If I saw that the school building was on fire I would know to call the fire department. I have a long list of BOE names here that may or may not be the one to help put out this curriculum and education standards fire. But which one is the one that, if any that will step up to the task and take the responsibility to see to it that these wrongs are righted. This feels a lot like having a fire dept. in our community with an unlisted phone number!

By the way, let is be said, we would not have got this far without the help of Rep. Andy Thompson, I give credit where credit is due.

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