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Schools-150x150As you read the following letter that was sent to the Marietta City School Board concerning an issue that occurred recently, please put yourself in the “shoes” of this parent. The real question here is if this happened to your child who would stand up for them. With the issue of Common Core, now in the school system, which really needs to be relabeled ObamaCore our children are going to be exposed to even greater problems. As you read this remember, your tax dollars are being used to advance what agenda? Who are these educators?  Who are these board members?




This is the letter that I sent to my Board of Education Members.

April 23, 2013

At last nights Board of Education meeting I brought to the table again the concern whether there is in fact a policy on improper language in the teachers/administrators handbook. I have never really received an answer from any member of our Administration, including board members. This has been a question I have had for the past four years, specifically in the High School. On more than one occasion I have confronted staff about their use of curse words in the class room.

I can no longer turn a blind eye to what I experienced last month. I did not confront this issue for four weeks because I could not calmly talk to anyone about what happened to my son.

My son was sitting with friends in the OGT assembly which was held in the auditorium. During the assembly a girl had an epilepsy attack. My son and his friends were laughing and were unaware that the girl was having an attack. Principle Lee saw them laughing and assumed they were making fun of the girl. Instead of questioning them, he asked my son to come up to the front of the entire sophomore student body. He called him a jackass and began screaming. He told him that he was acting just like his older brother (who is now serving in the United States Navy). Why did he need to mention his brother?

He then had my son turn around and face the student body and he asked the student body “How many of you people think (my son’s name) is a jackass? Raise your hands if you do!” The kids all starting laughing and raising their hands toward my son.

About an hour later Principle Lee called me to tell me what he had done to my son. He said he lost his cool. This kind of treatment goes on at the High School on a daily basis. Our youth are called “jackass,” “asshole,” “horse’s ass,” told “don’t be a dick,” and the list goes on. I have called out teachers, coaches and band directors for swearing at the students. You have staff telling kids that they will not amount to anything, that the only thing they can do is work at McDonalds, that they will end up in jail. Is this the best we can expect from our teachers and staff?

Administration seem so focused on constructing a new building to keep the kids safe from a supposed gunman while our youth are being destroyed mentally inside the very walls of our schools. You can only be told you are worthless and have foul language thrown at you so many times before you start to believe it. And even worse–to do it in front of their peers. Our school staff seems to want to destroy our children.

What if it was your child, (board members full names,) who was pulled up and treated as my son was?  I am begging you to do something about the atmosphere at the high school.

Angela Feathers


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