In defense of the MAGA Boys

The Definitive Timeline For The Covington Catholic Run In At The Lincoln Memorial

It was Friday afternoon at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Three separate groups would clash, but only one would take the blame: a group of predominantly white kids (some wearing red MAGA hats), a group of Native Americans, and some black street preachers. Now in today’s media and social climate, just based off of that description… who do you think would wind up getting assigned the blame? And the reasonable answer should be, after watching a 60-second video of a kid smiling at a Native American banging a drum in his face, is… I’ve got NO CLUE what the heck that was. Sixty seconds doesn’t provide a whole lot of context. Here is the rest of the story.

Petition to Support the Covington Catholic High School Students

Chris Long, President of the Ohio Christian Alliance, and other officials to be announced later, are going to hold a Press Conference/Rally, Tuesday at 10:00 AM at Fountain Square in Cincinnati, Ohio, to demand equal justice under the law. At the event it will be announced that his organization and many other conservative organizations, including the We the People Convention, have sent a letter to the FBI calling for both the FBI and the DOJ to investigate every threat made against the Covington Catholic students, their parents, other members of their community, and their school. The letter will include screen shots of specific online threats that are criminal under state and federal laws. We are demanding that law enforcement investigate EVERY threat – from media members, from Hollywood celebrities, corporate executives, and politicians – not just threats from common people!  The purpose of Tuesday’s event is to demand that our law enforcement officials give Christians, conservatives and Trump supporters the equal protection under the law that we deserve, that is guaranteed by our Constitution, and that has not been provided by federal law enforcement for the past 10 years at least. Bring signs to the Rally and let your voice be heard loud and clear


If you cannot attend:

Sign the OCA Petition – and get others to sign it – Demanding that the FBI and DOJ investigate EVERY Threat

Send a message to the President Demanding that he ORDER the FBI and DOJ to Investigate EVERY Threat
Contact the President online:
Call the White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111 

Contact the Department of Justice:
Call the DOJ Comment Line and demand that they investigate EVERY threats:  202-353-1555

Contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation including your local FBI office:
Call the FBI Comment Line and demand that they investigate EVERY threats:  202-324-3000

Contact Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and ask him to Investigate the online threats to see if any of those people were from Ohio:
Call the Ohio Attorney General: 800-282-0515
Contact the Ohio AG online:

Power and Money

The MAJORITY of Americans don’t realize just how much POWER & MONEY the Democrats make off Illegal Aliens being in our country even without voter fraud.

This is why they created ‘Sanctuary’ cities and states.

Simply by including their numbers as part of the population in the US Census, they get MOUNTAINS of money from the federal government and for every 770,000 illegal aliens in their Democrat-controlled area, they get a seat in the US House of Representatives apportioned to their area following the census.


After the US Census (performed once every 10 years), the 435 seats in the US House of Representatives are divided up by state populations and the last one resulted in one seat for roughly every 770,000 people.

So, let’s say California has about 4 MILLION non-citizens living there right now. That means that FIVE of their seats in the US Congress are due to people who are not Americans being counted in the Census!

NOW, imagine if by 2020, when they do the next census, they had 10 MILLION non-citizens living in California.

That would mean California would get an additional 10 SEATS in the US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES due to non-citizen.

NOW, do you see why Democrats want Open Borders?

Next time you hear the bleeding-heart liberals and Democratic Party Leadership claiming how they ‘care’ about these pooooooorrr illegal aliens here, call it bull____.

The Democrats found a way to get money and seats in Congress without even having to rig elections!



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