IG Report will be a cover up!

by: Tom Zawistowski2019-11-26
Source: We the People Convention

I ask my fellow Patriot not to look toward the IG Report, that is said to be coming out on December 9th, as something that is going to bring these criminals inside and outside of our Government to justice. This will be another coverup by IG Horowitz who will describe lying to the FBI as their being “less than candid” and explain everything away as just a systematic malfunction and lack of proper management oversite!

Remember, IG Horowitz has no powers to subpoena witnesses or even talk to people who are no longer in government, including so many of the main players in this coup attempt. He also has no prosecutorial powers, so all he can do is RECOMMEND charges to the DOJ. He is leaking the report now to give these traitors time to get their cover stories in the media and continue the lies being told to the American people for the past three years.

Also remember that it is not a coincidence that the report did not come out during the two weeks before Thanksgiving, when it was supposed to be made public. If it had, it would have side tracked the “Deep State” misdirection campaign which is the phony “Impeachment Hearing” that we were forced to endure over the past two weeks. The report is being released on December 9th to give the regressive Leftist in the U.S. House time to vote on Impeaching the President with NO EVIDENCE OF A CRIME!  If the report came out before hand, they could never vote on the Impeachment because the real Ukranian scandal involving the DNC and the Hillary Campaign would be the top story.

It is also not a coincidence that “Poser” Lindsey Graham was the one to announce that the IG Report would come on December 9th and that he would have Senate hearings on December 11th. Lindsey Graham is a “Deep State” operative who’s job it is to control the damage to the top players in the Coup. He was John McCain’s right hand man and no one was more anti-Trump and more of a globalist than McCain.  

Again, remember, the Senate also has NO prosecutorial abilities – they can’t charge anyone with a crime – they can only recommend that the DOJ take their “evidence” and consider charging someone. You watch, their will be lots of smoke and very little fire. These Senate hearings will have all kinds of testimony about how the FBI and DOJ were misled, and how they acted in “good faith”, and how just a few minor players actually did anything wrong – but they should not be put in prison, they should just be fired and get their full pensions don’t ya know! 

We the People must ACT NOW to DEMAND that AG Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham call upon the Grand Jury to INDICT the main players in this Coup attempt as soon as the IG report comes out. Since Barr and Durham have EVERYTHING that the IG has, and much more, We the People NEED to see these Indictments the same day or within days of the IG Report being published!  

I call on ALL Americans to pressure the AG to act now by calling AG Barr at 202-353-1555 AND writing to him by clicking on this link. He needs to know that the American people want him to act to preserve the critical American Value of Equal Justice Under the Law for ALL! 

If We the People do not show the AG that we DEMAND that he act, why would he? He has all the pressure in the world not to act. His former co-workers, his current employees, his neighbors and friends in DC all want him to cover this up. It is going to take a man of great courage to stand up for the rule of law against such personal and professional and media pressure. He NEEDS YOU to back him up and give him the courage to act! We need him to act to keep us from becoming second class citizens! Please call TODAY and then call and/or write every couple days, until charges are filed against these criminals.


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