Granville OH becomes a welcoming community?

Not everyone agrees!

One resident with a different view… Eileen said

Yesterday evening I attended a CRAZY meeting in Granville. The city council wanted to pass a resolution to make Granville a “welcoming city”, which if you research it is way to close to a sanctuary city. Needless to say, the room was packed and plenty of folks standing.

It was the craziest meeting I have ever attended. About 80 people, of which 50 spoke, with one “Muslim privilege” gal speaking twice (which is totally against the rules) and she even tried for a third speaking gig. About a third of the people spoke logically about why this was a bad idea and asked for clarification of some of the terms used in the resolution (which were never provided). About a third whined about how badly the citizens of Granville treated them (aka victim status). About a third of them agreed that Granville is full of white bigots. I mean if you tried to create a negative PR campaign for a town, you couldn’t have done a better job. If anyone had video taped this and put it on the internet, NO ONE would ever want to step foot in the Granville based on the comments at the meeting. You really would not believe it unless you were there. Both of these two later groups somehow seemed to think, if this resolution, to declare Granville a “welcoming city”, were to be passed, Granville would magically become a kinder place; a place where no one would ever again be offended by anything or anyone. Get real and toughen up you protected little Granville snowflakes.

Did the resolution pass? Of course, all six council members lean left, which means they love diversity more than air. Last I heard, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

GRANVILLE, OHIO (WCMH) – A resolution declaring the village and township of Granville “welcoming communities” has been passed by the Village Council.

It passed 6-0 on Wednesday night. Public comment on the matter lasted about an hour and a half, with area residents for and against the resolution.

“This is a resolution that can help people of color feel welcome, not just Granville residents, but also Denison students and faculty and I feel like it’s not anything that can hurt anybody who’s already feeling welcomed,” said resident Rana Odeh.

The resolution declares: “…In which all of our residents and visitors can feel welcomed, safe, and able to fully participate in and contribute positively to, our community’s social and economic life.”

Although it passed, some did not agree with it.

“I feel like America is being divided,” said resident Eillen Derolf. “I think it’s really important that everybody has equal status and when we start making protected classes or welcome some people specifically and not other people specifically, I feel like we’re creating division.”

Odeh said she generally feels welcome in Granville and enjoys living there, but does feel subtle discrimination for being Muslim or for looking “different” compared to the rest of the community.

“It’s mind boggling that a person who is white and says they don’t feel discrimination thinks that’s somehow representative of how the rest of the community feels,” she said. “I feel like you cannot understand what you don’t experience.”

Derolf said the resolution may cause a divided community.

“Diversity pretty much by definition means division and this country needs to look for it’s commonality not it’s differences if we are to come together as a country and be successful as a nation,” she said.

The Granville Village Council said the resolution doesn’t mean they are trying to make the town a sanctuary city.







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