Our local citizenry needs to be engaged in the Constitutional election process at every level—local, state and federal, understanding the political structure and knowing that we have the power to win at the local and state elections which will begin to effect federal elections and the national government.

Voters need to be critical thinkers who understand the difference between policy that perpetuates liberty and policy that threatens and destroys it without any regards to politics, party lines, or special interest. We need to be policy-minded voters rather than political party pawns.

Individuals need a paradigm shift in how they think about government, policy and education. Their desire to safeguard freedom for their children needs to be what drives them to be active, educating others in their sphere of influence, running for office and insuring that their children are taught the principles of liberty and independence in school so that our children’s children can enjoy the benefits of freedom and independence.

This education initiative must be replicated throughout our local area and beyond. The 21st century’s American renewal begins here and now!

Essential studies for Constitutional thinkers:

  • The US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and early framing documents
  • The history and principles of free markets and capitalism in America
  • The history of education in America—are we educating for liberty or not?
  • The history of progressivism and its contemporary counterfeits in America