Documents show more “targeting” of TEA Party by Feds




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, February 10, 2014
CONTACT: Tom Zawistowski
MEDIA NOTES: PDF Copy of Letter and ONG Documents Attached

Akron, OH: We the People Convention President, Tom Zawistowski, sent a letter today to Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan demanding an immediate investigation into what he called “an even more onerous type of targeting” of TEA Party Groups by the Federal Government. The letter was sent after a story appeared today on the Ohio media website Mediatrackers, based on Ohio National Guard documents acquired through a FOIA request, about an ONG training drill conducted last January (2013) in Portsmouth, Ohio.

The “fictional target” of that real military drill was a group “where Second Amendment supporters with ‘anti-government’ opinions were portrayed as domestic terrorists.” according to the documents released by the ONG. Zawistowski’s letter demands to know “How many similar ‘drills’ have been and are being conducted around the nation with TEA Party type groups or individuals as the target? Who decided we should be the “target” and why? In what percentage of “drills” were we the target compared to radical Islamist who present a real threat to our national security?”

In his letter, Zawistowski said “Those of us in the TEA Party movement have been aware of targeting by the military, CIA and NSA, of our movement for several years, such as putting the TEA Party and Religious Conservatives on the HSA terrorism watch lists. However, until now, we had not seen actual proof of military exercises design to prepare our military to “control” members of our movement and we are outraged by this revelation.”

He concludes his letter by stating “We will not be intimidated by this out-of-control lawless executive branch. We will not stop exercising our Constitutional rights and participating in the political process. We will not sit back and allow criminal activity by OUR Federal Government without taking peaceful action to hold those responsible accountable. We urge you to take this new information and investigate the full scope of this activity so that the American people will get yet another look at the un-American actions condoned by this Administration. We will do everything we can to aid Congress in its investigation and look forward to knowing the truth about this latest level of targeting of the TEA Party movement and our fellow conservatives.”

In Liberty,
Tom Zawistowski
1-800-846-4630 Ext 104

Ohio National Guard
Freedom of Information
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