Coronavirus Shows U.S. Vulnerability to China – which MUST be Fixed NOW!

by: Tucker Carlson 3.7.20
Source: We the People Convention

Extortion from China is the real threat

This powerful and sobering presentation by Tucker Carlson on Friday night, March 6, 2020 exposes how our Government sold out America to crony corporate capitalist by giving China, our mortal enemy, not only control of our manufacturing supply chain but of 95% of ALL of our drug manufacturing! Now with the Coronavirus we are at risk of not having the medicines Americans will need to fight the virus.

This literally is a national security risk. The Chinese clearly see that they can attack us with biological warfare and we would have little to no defense. Our “brilliant” ruling class, corrupt elected officials, and “Deep State” bureaucrats have taken the bribes from Wall Street for decades and now they are exposed and we are all “exposed” to deadly illnesses with limited ability to fight back.

Carlson talks about how President Trump was right about this and how we must NOW start to manufacture in the United States, the things we need that are critical to our national security. (What a concept!) He alludes to this speech that President Trump gave at the Republican Convention in Cleveland in 2016, when he accepted the party nomination, where Trump describes exactly what has happened and how we need to fix it:

Carlson says that  the President should use this “opportunity” to implement a national plan to start building manufacturing plants all over the U.S. to make the computer parts, aircraft parts, medicines and other things needed to protect America from attack by our international enemies. Like we did before our government sold us out to Wall Street globalists! That is what we mean by Nationalism and America First!

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