“Forever Is A Long Time”

Here are out thoughts on why continuing levies should be defeated….

1. All political sub-divisions and non-profits operating with taxpayer funding must be accountable to the taxpayers. PERIOD!

2. The average voter does not understand what “continuous”, “continuing period of time”, or “CPT” means, and incorrectly assumes that the political sub-division is always acting in the best interests of the taxpayer.

3. Although continuous levies are permitted by the Ohio revised code, a tax levy with a specified period of time is more understandable to the average voter.

4. For those politicians and bureaucrats in office for many years, they need to be reminded that their job is to be one of public service and they report to the people. Providing fixed sums of money on a “forever” basis removes the need to be good stewards of the taxpayers money; there is the real chance of complacency, and the feeling of entitlement while in office.

5. When there is a constant change in office holders, or board positions there is a real possibility to believe that the fixed tax revenue is merely a starting point for spending, rather than having the thought process that each new year requires justification for every dollar to be spent.

6. The continued growth of the local governments and the non-profits that feed off the government trough is simply not sustainable. They are sucking the life blood out of the community with their accumulation of cash for “rainy days”. Continuous levies can compound the problem.

7. Approving continuous levies feeds into the notion that the political sub-division has a “base of revenue” and can grow from that base. Salaries and benefits are increased because they have a base, and can go back to the taxpayers for additional levies for their services.

8. One may ask why are “continuous” levies now so popular? It is really quite simple….the politicians and bureaucrats detest having to answer to the taxpayers. They are simply saying “TRUST US”! (Now what could go wrong there?)

We ask that taxpayer wake up to the deception of continuous levies being played on them.


  1. Larry Burfield
    September 10, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    I will never vote for any school levy. Why should I vote for schools that do nothing more than teach our young children that Socialism is great for our country. Just more of the Communist infested teacher’s unions. PLEASE!……DO NOT VOTE FOR THE SCHOOL LEVY.

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