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Ohio Taxpayers Beware: State Issue 1

Spend-Spend-Spend … NOW Borrow-Borrow-Borrow … what is next! The proposed amendment would mandate an additional $1.875 Billion in spending at a time when Ohio has just implemented a state budget that is the largest in its history, and growing significantly…

Determination Important in Battle with EPA

Protecting Property Rights and Soveriegnty in Ohio This article from Ohio’s Country Journal is great reading. Thanks to Ohio Citizens for Property Rights for forwarding this important information.   February 12, 2014 By Leisa Boley-Hellwarth, a dairy farmer and an…

Welcome to Veritas Classical Academy

“Veritas Classical Academy is proud to announce it will open its doors this fall in Marietta, Ohio.  Veritas is an independent, private pre-K-6 school offering a classical education for students in the Mid-Ohio Valley.   For more information, visit