Hispanic pastors to Trump: No open borders, crisis is real

January 31, 2019 
Chad Groening

A group of Hispanic pastors is praising President Donald Trump for his work on border security, including his determination to erect a border wall.

On Friday (January 25), President Trump invited Hispanic pastors from around the country to the White House for a roundtable discussion on immigration. In talking to the press, he touted a recent poll showing growing support for him among Latinos.

“And they’ve been talking to me for a long period of time. And you probably saw we went up 19 percent – I saw that just a little while – with the Hispanic population,” Trump stated. “Part of it is the jobs, because they’re doing record-setting jobs right now; but part of it is what we talk about: the wall and security.”

Pastor Ramiro Pena of Waco, Texas (pictured above with President Trump), delivered a letter he said was endorsed by 150 Hispanic evangelical leaders.

“One thing you have not done, Mr. President, is manufacture a humanitarian crisis. It’s real,” said Pena. “And although many people began to declare repeatedly this is a ‘manufactured crisis’ – being a pastor from Texas, I can tell you the human suffering that’s been going on for many decades has hit a fever pitch.”

Pastor Guillermo Maldonado of King Jesus Ministry in Miami debunked what he called another misconception in the public: that the Spanish community favors illegal immigration.

“There’s a misconception also that we want open borders. We don’t want open borders,” said the Miami pastor. “We’re here to support you, and what you’re doing is great.”

Maldonado also touted the four-percent Hispanic unemployment under Trump.


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