A Short Angry History Of Modern Schooling

John Taylor Gatto
October 31, 2016


A former New York teacher of the year, Gatto is probably the most interesting writer/speaker on education today. He shows that our bureaucratic schools and our bureaucratic society just get in the way of learning. He often contrasts modern America with 19th century America, where family, work, and democratic self-government let people educate themselves. His knowledge of the key players in the history of education is unparalleled.

Eric Holder during the court hearing for the Romeike family.

“I have spent no less than 10 hours listening to this guy over the last four days. I find myself thinking of each of you and your concern for the public education system. The video below is the shortest presentation of his overall philosophy. If 10 minutes does not work you, give it 15 or 20. I promise the entire hour is a worthwhile investment in further understanding the history of our country and in particular the motives and background of our public education system. I find the whole thing to be bone chilling.”

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