10th Anniversary of the TEA Party

August 4 2019

Join With Us as We Celebrate the
10th Anniversary of the
TEA Party Movement

Monday April 8th Meeting
7:00 – 8:00PM 
Freedom Gate Church
104 Tennis Center Dr., Marietta, OH

The Marietta 9-12 Project and GOV Connector
Southeastern Ohio’s Local TEA Party

Each of us in the TEA Party needs to take time to celebrate our achievements!  Here is just a quick list of what deserves to be celebrated:

• 2010 Elected 63 New U.S. House Members to Stop the Obama Leftist Agenda
• 2014 Elected 9 New “Republicans” and took back the US Senate
• 2016 Took the White House by electing President Trump
• 2017 Defeated the IRS after they Targeted the TEA Party in 2012 Election
• Stopped the full implementation of Obamacare and ended the Individual Mandate
• Stopped Gang of 8 Amnesty
• Exposed Illegal Immigration for the threat that it is to America
• Cut taxes for all Americans
• Cut business regulations
• Defended Religious Freedom
• Defended our Second Amendment Rights
• Saved Fracking and made America an Energy Powerhouse
• Stopped Cap & Tax
• Forced John Boehner out of Office
• Elected Warren Davidson to replace Boehner
• Took out Democratic Ohio State Chairman Chris Redfern

People Elected by the TEA Party are now in Key Government Positions:

• Mike Pence is VP
• Mick Mulvaney – Budget Director/Chief of Staff• Mike Pompeo is Secretary of State
• Jim Jordon Helped to Found the Freedom Caucus

I know that it is not in the nature of most conservatives to brag about our achievements, but it is important for us to let our fellow citizens know that we spent 10 years defending EVERYONE’s Individual Freedom and Liberty. That we would not have a President Trump, or the booming economy, and the jobs we have today, if we did not stand up and fight back precisely when we did in 2009! We also need to continue to do what we have always done, and that is educate our fellow citizens about the lies of the left and the real threats of socialism/communism, radical Islam, and globalism to our nation and our way of life. 

Remember in 2016 when all the political experts were saying that Hillary Clinton was going to win Ohio by 11% or 16% even though we knew that was a lie? Then we got the Trump campaign to provide us with signs to put out and we could not get enough of them!  The entire state was covered with Trump signs and the lying media and the lying polls were exposed. No one had any idea Trump had that much support – until our fellow citizens put those signs out – and then they voted to elect Trump!

Everyone wants to believe that the TEA Party is over, like it was just a passing fad. That is just wishful thinking on their part as we proved again in Ohio just this past November. We haven’t gone anywhere and we are stronger than ever. Even Republican polls show that 23% of all adults in Ohio support the TEA Party, and after what we have accomplished, I am confident that percentage is even higher today!

You should beproud of what you have done for our nation. I want you to join me in celebrating our 10th Anniversary as a movement by holding events, flying flags, posting online, calling radio stations, writing letters to the editor and just celebrating what we have achieved!

Make A Difference
The Marietta 9-12 Project
and GOV Connector

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