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Ohio lawmaker proposes 300% hike to vehicle registration fee

March 22, 2017 COLUMBUS – An Ohio lawmaker is proposing an increase of more than 300% to the cost of ...
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Granville OH becomes a welcoming community?

Not everyone agrees! One resident with a different view... Eileen said Yesterday evening I attended a CRAZY meeting in Granville ...
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Restore Regular Order, Stop the BAT Tax, Pass Tax Cuts, Use the CRA

Tom Zawistowski February 15, 2017 I sent the letter below to all the Republican Members of the Ohio Congressional Delegation ...
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Ohio A Sanctuary State For Illegal Immigrants?

By Matt Lynch Former State Representative 76th District While Governor Brown in California proudly proclaims that he will declare the ...
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Portman: Trump’s immigration ban ‘not properly vetted’… but wait

Cincinnati usatoday January 29 WASHINGTON—Sen. Rob Portman criticized President Trump’s temporary ban on immigration by citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, ...
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